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Carlos Avery Self-guided Butterfly Tour

Carlos Avery is home to several ecosystems that are home to more than 50 butterfly species. These include wetland specialists like Mulberry Wing, Harris’ Checkerspot, Appalachian Brown, and Acadian Hairstreak. It’s also got woodland and prairie species such as Long Dash Skipper, Baltimore Checkerspot, Banded Hairstreak, and Arctic Skipper.

The best time to visit for butterflying is late June and early July.

The lower unit has a stretch of road with a vast array of butterfly species — all can be viewed from the road! Enter on 197th Ave NE from Lexington and pick a parking pullout (or park on the side fo the road) and walk along the woodlands and wetlands.

It’s a great place for butterflying with two caveats: 1) The deer flies are intense! 2) When the county/state mows the roadsides, it cuts down on the nectar sources.

You can check out the full list of species here.

If you see small dark skippers, try and get a picture! The Two-spotted Skipper has been spotted at Carlos Avery in the past. This skipper has become quite rare in Minnesota, and a sighting at Carlos Avery is the only one in decades. Learn more about this species here.

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First sightings of 2019

Butterfly season has arrived in Minnesota! Even if a blizzard is forecast for mid-April.

A Mourning Cloak was sighted in St. Louis County on April 3. The sighting can be viewed at iNaturalist.

A Mourning Cloak and Eastern Comma were sighted in Hennepin County on April 8. The sightings can be viewed at iNaturalist.

Eastern Comma at Coldwater Spring. By Andy Birkey. Used with permission.

Mourning Cloak at Coldwater Spring. By Andy Birkey. Used with permission.

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October 18, 2018

Observer(s): Andy Birkey
County: Dakota
Notes: Sunny, 60 degrees. Commas feeding on apples.

Species List:
Eastern Comma
Orange Sulphur
Location Details: Lebanon Hills Regional Park
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Welcome to NABA-TC!

The website for the Twin Cities chapter of the North American Butterfly Association is here! Feel free to explore the website and learn more about Minnesota’s butterflies, about our chapter, and about butterfly conservation, gardening, and more!

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